Thursday, 28 January 2010

sometimes it is hard to be a woman

ahh yes, the morning bracha - Blessed are You God for not making me a woman... doesn't matter how you spin it, there is no escaping the blatant misogyny of this bracha. The lacework of this doily contains chains, childbirth, frustrated housewife. And a breast cancer cell and a uterus. Because at the end of the day, it is hard to be a woman and perhaps men should appreciate this. click on the image to enlarge.

the lace also contains these 2 figures, with angel wings. because women are on a higher spiritual plane... of course we are. (and that's why we sit higher up in the ladies gallery, closer to heaven...)

Sunday, 24 January 2010

wine, women and beasts

the context of this wonderful observation of drunk women's rampant sexual appetite is a discussion in the talmud about how much provision for wine should be stipulated in a woman's ketubah.

4 cups of wine eh ladies is what it takes to really get us going... as my mother asked: what about seder night? (where we are obligated to drink 4 cups, women too). gives chad gadyah a whole different reading.

the lacework is quite detailed, containing drunk women, horses, as well as sexually provocative women. And four glasses of wine. For a sense of scale, I've photographed this on my cutting mat which has a grid of 1cm squares. (the overall dimensions of the doilie are 35cm x 27cm).