Thursday, 28 January 2010

sometimes it is hard to be a woman

ahh yes, the morning bracha - Blessed are You God for not making me a woman... doesn't matter how you spin it, there is no escaping the blatant misogyny of this bracha. The lacework of this doily contains chains, childbirth, frustrated housewife. And a breast cancer cell and a uterus. Because at the end of the day, it is hard to be a woman and perhaps men should appreciate this. click on the image to enlarge.

the lace also contains these 2 figures, with angel wings. because women are on a higher spiritual plane... of course we are. (and that's why we sit higher up in the ladies gallery, closer to heaven...)


Steve said...

Is the lady at one, doing a number two?

x said...

she is giving birth


Sarah said...

this is awesome!

Steve said...




daniel.sevitt said...

I was always taught that the reason for this bracha was than men have more mitzvit that women and that is something to be grateful for.

On the flipside, my rav in yeshiva made it known that he always said "sheosani kirtsono" instead.

alexa neville said...

Daniel Sevitt, hello. Do you honestly believe when you say "shelo asani ishah" that you are truly lucky NOT be a woman? Try saying "shasani gever" instead and see how positive it sounds and far less insulting to 50% of the world.
Alexa neville

x said...

Daniel - you really don't you think the 'we have more mitzvot than you' attitude isn't sneering to women? I respect your yeshiva Rav for not being able to say it. (thanks for looking and commenting on the work)

Alexa - thanks for dropping by and commenting. some days i would like to start the day 'shelo asani ish'.

and Steve. be nice to the other comments. at least on my blog. what you get up to on prozacville is your own thing