Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pride and Prejudice: Women and Tallit

(the context of this paper-cut is the recent arrest of a woman wearing a tallit at the kotel)

Rav Ovadiah Yosef has been quoted as saying "they should be wrapped in a tallit and buried" - hence the shroud in the bottom

the quote from the Rema seems to be one of the main objections to women wearing a tallit. it is permitted, with a bracha, but then disallowed due to yohora - religious arrogance. So I have included various haughty women who are grooming themselves.

and a dominatrix

and in the background of the lacework, there are tangled tzitzit. which I will never ever do again as a paper-cut.


Steve said...

Interesting that you should draw attention to the tangled tzitzit (try saying *that* very quickly after a pint of Leffe.

When I first saw the image I thought: 'That woman is MAAAAAAAD giving herself so much miniscule cutting in them thar sections!!! Does she want to give herself arthritis!?

"Mummy, mummy, why can't you tie our shoelaces?"
"Because I used up all my nerves and sinews on paper-cuts, girls."

zavitty said...

love the preening women. they are haughty indeed. how dare they not be in a constant state of apology for having being born female!