Monday, 1 March 2010

the ladies guild collection

this is the ladies guild collection, story so far... there is more to come.

these paper-cuts combine rabbinic misogyny with sexualised images of women in the form of a doily. the doily is an out-date, fussy, item used in food presentation - because it simply would not do to have a piece of cake or biscuit displayed in direct contact with a naked plate. The Ladies Guild is a the name for the women's group in traditional orthodox synagogues in Anglo-Jewry, whose main function is to prepare the refreshments.

they will be shown at the JOFA (Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance) conference next week. this week's task is to make a postcard. but which one?


Natasha Lehrer said...

Just found your site - love these papercuts! Do you sell?

x said...


thank you.
yes they are for sale, email me


Louise Sylvester said...

I've just seen your papercuts. They are so provocative and so beautifully executed. I love them.