Thursday, 21 April 2011

omer drawings day 1 & 2

every year I try to count the omer (the 50 days between pesach and shavuot). every year at some point during that time I fail, I forget, I stumble. I lack basic discipline. This year I will (try to) count the omer doing a drawing a day. but not just any drawing. the omer goes from the time of pesach, freedom from the narrow spaces to shavuot, a time of listening and receiving. my aim is to walk every day, find something in the street that seems part of the detritus, the discarded stuff of living. the remnants to bring it back to my studio and draw it. and with apologies to the artist On Kawara, to title each one 'I am still alive.'

(I am blogging this because, despite this being a deeply personal journey for me - the reclaiming of the rejected and discarded, I need to make it sort of public, for no other reason than to make sure I actually do this and not just give up half-way...)

day 1

day 2


Lauviticus said...

these are lovely and very moving. may I post them each day on FB as my homage to you and the counting?
and to the hope..?

Batnadiv said...

What a lovely idea! And the drawing are worthy of the idea, sensitive and beautifully felt...

Leo Cohen... said...

A great idea! Using the Omer to keep yourself artistically active and the drawings each day to keep counting the Omer. Every healthy relationship needs this sort of supportive reciprocal!