Tuesday, 24 July 2012

drawn out ending

I'm tired. Actually I'm exhausted. it's been a long day and it is drawing to a close, I am nowhere near the end of today's to-do list. But the sun is going down and as it does it fills my studio with a pink/orange glow. I am now coming to the end of prepping my work to send to new york for a solo show that, hopefully, will open this sept. All my artwork from the last 18 months or so, will be going into that one box. carefully packaged and sealed. but it all fits into one box. And during that time so many other things have slipped and gone. The only thing I have managed to hold onto during these dark and troublesome couple of years is that every day I climb those stairs and go into my studio. And I work. and all the stuff that I cannot say to other people, and so I don't talk at all to other people, it 's all there. In that box. All in that one box.

I have thoughts about the box getting damaged, destroying the contents. Or getting completely lost. And then there will be nothing that remains from this.

Perhaps that will be a good thing.

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