Tuesday, 10 May 2011

omer drawings week 3. days 15-21

it's been a bit of a week... not even halfway through and wondering what on earth am I doing. this daily task of drawing the banal little bits of nothing that are just lying around. perhaps I should just go for fag-ends and dog-shit? take this to the logical conclusion....(as long as they are finished with a delicate touch of watercolour....) hey-ho. onwards. as you may notice from the differing quality of the images, this week I brought a scanner...

(for introduction to this project go to omer drawings day 1 & 2, drawings from week 1, drawings from week 2)


Adam said...

really like this idea Jaq... first time i ever counted, i felt time move faster and aging became terrifying.. so can totally empathise with the detritus as the subject of the drawings...

Anonymous said...

Time is a silent giant, furious for blood
A sea-starved stevedore, desperate for flood.
He will have his way with you
Brushing out your lavish locks
Like a child obsessed.
Tossing your bones in a froth of foam
Parching your skin on heated beams.

Time will tattoo a frown
Onto that porcelain pout
Spotting your hands, veining fatted calves
Letting tears dry out
Like letters written in sand.

Stretch every sinew to outrun him
Before the tide turns,
His weak but constant forces
March with infinite patience
Over curling folds of flesh.

So spread wide your web of tingling nerve-ends
Under the starlit sky,
Entangle him with memories
To crash through the stiff cross-hatching
Of a thousand generations.

Encode ensnaring patterns into his repeated rhythms
Punctuate his seasons with reasons of your own.
You will not feel resistance,
Just ever-tightened coils
Of riddling existence.

Time reduces all the places, all the faces
You love and know
To corrupted plumes of dust, fumes of rust
Settling to horizons
Like the unblemished snow.

Time will shred your hopes on icy slopes of brevity
Distilling dreams to the last drop of despair.

Time is all and all is time
Life is brief
Like the shadow
Of a falling leaf.

Ketzirah said...

These are all just extraordinary. Considering the period of the Omer is the "trek through the desert," I think the "i'm still alive" aspect is just fabulous!