Tuesday, 7 June 2011

omer drawings day 49

49th day - 49 days of walking, picking up the discarded, the remnants, the detritus in the street and drawing. walking and drawing the journey from the time of the narrow spaces to the place of receiving. have I arrived there?.... not sure... but here I am. and I am still alive.

wish you all a good shavuot - chag samech.

(for introduction to this project go to omer drawings day 1 & 2, drawings from week 1, drawings from week 2, drawings from week 3, drawings from week 4, drawings from week 5, drawings from week 6)


Lauviticus said...

Climb up Mount Fuji, little snail, but, slowly, slowly..
thus wrote the Zen masters.
Thank you sister for climbing us up Mount Sinai, ever so graceful.
to journeys within.

Tania Hershman said...

I love your Omer drawings, just stunning! I should keep a closer eye on your blog...I hope you're really well.